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Most Door-per-Dollar in the U.S. Guaranteed

Our mission is to provide the perfect doors for your home or business. This is why our doors include the highest quality materials and craftsmanship as standard features. Other door companies charge extra for what we include in ours at no extra cost.

No One Beats Our Prices.

Most iron doors on the market come with inflated price tags. We source doors directly from the highest-quality manufacturers in the world, we leverage our own in-house distribution and logistics teams, and we operate at a scale that results in much lower costs than competitors with similar quality. That allows us to provide you with the most door-per-dollar in the U.S. Guaranteed.

We also offer free freight OR discounts for picking up your door from our conveniently located warehouses.

A Passion for Beauty and Function

Wholesale Iron Doors began nearly a decade ago with the mission of finding the highest quality doors for home improvement projects. Over the years, we have developed methods for manufacturing doors with universal features that are applicable to most projects. Our ability to replicate these features quickly, accurately, and at scale allow us to lower manufacturing costs while improving the quality of our iron doors.
Many of these universally-applicable features are also included in doors that we custom-design for customers, resulting in the same reduced lead times, lower costs, and higher quality that our customers expect from our stock doors.
Manufactured With High Quality Materials
Each door is made with high quality materials and fittings that exceed industry standards.
Manufactured By Highly Trained Craftsman
Our doors are manufactured by experts who are held to the most exacting quality standards.

Highest Quality Iron Doors

Wholesale Iron Doors specializes in manufacturing, sourcing, and distributing high-quality iron doors. We are headquartered in Texas, have multiple showroom and distribution centers across the U.S., and we ship all over the world.

We love to help our clients find the perfect door that completes the look of their home or business while also providing security and comfort. We are committed to provide the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship.

Quality Custom Iron Doors
Expert Design Consulting
Highest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Features of Our World Class Iron Doors

All of our doors are carefully manufactured to meet specifications that exceed industry standards. Each door is crafted with the highest quality materials and backed by our one-year manufacturing warranty. Need a custom door? We can help!

Each door comes insulated with high quality polyurethane foam that is pumped into both the door and the jamb. Our doors also include extra-thick weather stripping and door sweeps by default.
Easy Installation
Our doors come with glass and hinges pre-installed, ready to hang on the included steel frame. The frames are pre-drilled with mounting holes or tabs for easy install. Our doors include pre-drilled double boreholes with a 2 ¾” backset and 2” wide door slab that is compatible with many standard types of hardware.
Quality Tempered Glass
Most doors are equipped with interior glass panels that open independently from the door. This feature allows for ventilation, cleaning, and security by allowing the door to remain locked while the glass is open. Our doors come standard with double-pane, tempered, Low-E glass, and we offer many different styles of glass to suit your preference.
Superior Construction
All of our iron doors are made with 12- or 14-gauge steel depending on style and application, and our traditional doors feature scroll work that has been expertly hand forged using 5/8" tubing. We use the best materials, but what sets our doors apart is that our manufactures are some of the best in the world.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Iron Doors and Services

Is there a warranty?
Definitely! All of our doors are backed by a one-year manufacturing warranty.
Can you custom build a door?
Most customers find the door they love in our in-stock selection. If we don’t have exactly what you want in-stock, or if you have a special need, our design team can build your dream door for a slight upcharge, with the glass and color of your choosing.
How are the doors installed?
We’ve designed our doors to make installation easy for any professional door installer. Since most of our customers are building materials and construction experts, they choose to manage their own installation (which is why installation is not included in our prices). We offer managed installation in certain markets, so speak to your sales representative if you’re interested in having us manage your installation. In most markets, we offer customers who want to self-manage their installation a list of preferred installers who have years of experience with our iron doors. All homeowners who choose to manage their own installation should do their own diligence in getting referrals and feeling comfortable with the installer that they choose.
Can I get help finding a door?
Of course! Working with Wholesale Iron Doors gives you access to our helpful team of designers and service representatives who are ready to help you find or build the perfect door.

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