Steps to install a door

Door Installation

Installing iron doors at your place can add security, elegance, and durability to your property. Whether you’re upgrading your front entrance or enhancing a specific area, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of installing iron doors.

Step 0 : Unpacking your doors

We dispatch the door slab and jamb separately to facilitate easier shipping & delivery. Your package will include a door slab, shielded by a singular wooden crate, cardboard, bubble wrap, corrugated paper, and plastic wrap.

When opening the crate, cautiously remove the wooden crossbeams followed by the cardboard. Delicately cut through the bubble wrap to extract the door. Inform the installer to exercise caution when using a box cutter, knife, or razor blade to avoid scratching the finish or glass on the door slab. Preferably, cut at the side and lift the packaging while cutting to avert unintended damage to the door.

For doors with operable glass – we advise removing the glass from the door slab by unscrewing the glass window knobs and lifting it up to lighten the door for installation.

Next, you will find the frame packaged in cardboard and bubble wrap. Carefully cut the packaging materials around the jamb to avoid damaging the finish. We supply touch-up paint should the installer accidentally scratch the finish.

Once the jamb/frame is opened: Confirm the presence of copper washers on all 4 hinges. If any are missing, contact us for replacements.

With the frame and door slabs unwrapped and the glass removed, installation can commence.

Step 1 : Taking Measurements

Ensure that the rough opening is at least ½-1” wider on each side of the outside of the jamb. The Rough Opening should be 1/2-1″ larger than the ordered door size.

Step 2 : Taking Measurements

Ensure the frame around the door is firm and stable. Improperly secured walls can lead to unwanted movement post-installation, potentially damaging the unit or causing improper door closure.

Step 3 : Review Wires

Inspect the opening for any security wires that may need installation into the jamb and the slab. Drill and fit wires and contacts as required.

Step 4 : Assess Height & Threshold

Evaluate the height of the finished floor concerning the sweep on the door slab. You might need to elevate the area beneath the door threshold. Consider any interior entrance area rugs or floor coverings and ensure sufficient clearance for the door slab and the sweep.

Step 5 : Insert Door Jamb In Opening

Position the door jamb in the opening, ensuring it is resting flat on the subfloor without any debris underneath. Ensure the jamb is level; you might need wood shims to set the jamb perfectly and align the doors properly.

Step 6 : Align Mounting Tabs & Secure Bolt Holes

Once the jamb is plumb, mark where the mounting tabs and the bolt holes are. Ensure the sheetrock behind the tabs is removed so the bolts do not obstruct the casing installation after door installation.

Step 7 : Secure Jamb With Bolts

Consider pre-drilling pilot holes for the bolts to prevent stud splitting. Initially, only secure the top bolt to the mounting tab before installing the door slabs to allow frame adjustment if needed.

Step 8 : Glass Removal + Door Slabs Installation

For operable glass doors, remove the glass panels from the slabs to reduce weight. Hang the nonactive or stationary door first, then the active door, adjusting the jamb if necessary for proper alignment.

Step 9 : Flush Bolt Adjustments (Double Doors)

Adjust the flush bolt pin on the top & bottom of the door as necessary. This might require slightly removing the door sweep and using a plier wrench for the bottom flush bolt pin.

Step 10 : Troubleshooting

Aligning a pre-hung steel door can be intricate and time-consuming. If the doors are misaligned, readjust the frame and rehang the doors multiple times if necessary. Employ an installer experienced with iron door installations for best results.

Step 11 : Install Hardware

Finally, install the door’s handle(s), and you’re ready to enjoy your premium quality door from Wholesale Iron Doors. Drilling may be needed to attach certain handles or 3rd party accessories.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Iron Doors and Services

Is there a warranty?
Definitely! All of our doors are backed by a one-year manufacturing warranty.
Can you custom build a door?
Most customers find the door they love in our in-stock selection. If we don’t have exactly what you want in-stock, or if you have a special need, our design team can build your dream door for a slight upcharge, with the glass and color of your choosing.
How are the doors installed?
Our iron doors are designed to be installed by most professional door installers. Since most of our customers are building materials and construction experts, some choose to manage their own installation (which is why installation is not included in our prices). We offer managed installation in certain markets, so speak to your sales representative if you’re interested in having us manage your installation. We’ve designed our doors to make installation easy for any professional door installer. All homeowners who choose to manage their own installation should do their own diligence in getting referrals and feeling comfortable with the installer that they choose.
Can I get help finding a door?
Of course! Working with Wholesale Iron Doors gives you access to our helpful team of designers and service representatives who are ready to help you find or build the perfect door.

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