Frequently Asked Questions About our Iron Doors.

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Pricing Questions

How do we keep our prices so low and our quality so high?

We design, manufacture, and ship in large quantities, thus saving thousands in costs every month. We pay in full for our doors in advance, making us a preferred customer of all our manufacturing partners. This allows us to secure the absolute lowest price on iron doors. Every dollar we save on the front end saves our customers big on the back end, regardless of whether you buy 100 doors from us or just one. Every cost-saving measure and efficiency process we implement makes it possible for us to provide you with the most door-per-dollar in the U.S. We pass on these savings to our many resellers, giving them plenty of room to make a profit.

We have the largest inventory of high-quality doors in-stock in Texas. We supply building material suppliers, retailers, resellers, builders, and installers who want access to the highest-quality iron doors on the market without having to invest the millions of dollars necessary to develop international partnerships, source doors from all over the world, and maintain hundreds of doors in available inventory.

Most iron door companies do not provide any warranty if their company does not perform the installation. We provide a manufacturing warranty to all of our customers, regardless of who performs the installation. Since we warrant manufacturing errors, we hold our manufacturing partners to an extremely high quality standard, which reduces our overall cost of warranty claims. Given that we are a wholesaler, warranty coverage related to installations that we do not perform is provided by the retail or installer who sold the door to the end-customer.

We are open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. See our hours here.

Other Questions

What other questions do you have for us?

Our custom, hand-made iron doors can make your home design dreams come true. We offer designs from simple to stunning, and quality construction that lasts for years and years. Our doors redefine the first impression one gets when looking at a home. Elegant and rugged, these doors add a level of curb appeal, style, and security that is unmatched.

Most customers find the door they love in our in-stock selection. If we don’t have exactly what you want in-stock, or if you have a special need, our design team can build your dream door for a slight upcharge, with the glass and color of your choosing. This is only available for customers willing to wait for the perfect door. Since they are custom-made to order, special-order doors can take up to four months to arrive once designs have been approved. Wholesale Iron Doors cannot be held liable for shipping delays, as we have no control over the international shipping industry. By far the best deal is on our hundreds of in-stock doors that are ready for immediate pickup.

Since most of our customers are building materials and construction experts, they choose to manage their own installation (which is why installation is not included in our prices). We offer managed installation in certain markets, so speak to your sales representative if you’re interested in having us manage your installation.

In most markets, we offer customers who want to self-manage their installation a list of preferred installers who have years of experience with our iron doors. All homeowners who choose to manage their own installation should do their own diligence in getting referrals and feeling comfortable with the installer that they choose.  

Even if using an installer from our courtesy list, you as the home-owner are responsible for getting references and hiring someone that you feel is competent for your specific job. Wholesale Iron Doors does not warranty any part of the installation process, and installers may not warranty any issues as a result of structural or foundation movement after install. Wholesale Iron Doors does not perform service calls or accept returns on products after install has been attempted, so if you manage your own installation, ensure that the installer has expertise in iron door installation.

We are able to provide preliminary quotes based on basic measurements of the rough opening that we can help walk you through. We always recommend that before a purchase is finalized, the person who will be installing the door provide their own measurements and verify the final CAD drawing. Different people measure different ways, and unlike wood doors, iron doors can’t be shaved down or adjusted if the wrong size is ordered. In cases when the measurements provided seem questionable for any reason, Wholesale Iron Doors may require that the customer and professional installer review and sign off on final CAD drawings before putting a door into production. Please don’t take offense to this – we really just want to be sure you’re getting the right door!

If you are picking up an in-stock door from our warehouses - you can pick it up as soon as the sale is complete!

We have pickups from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

If you are shipping an in-stock door - please allow roughly 1-2 weeks for booking and delivery.

If you have a custom order, manufacturing, shipping, processing, and delivery to our warehouse may take up to four months. We will always do our best to provide an accurate estimate based on the current state of the international shipping market, but please understand that the longest portion of the journey from order to delivery is mostly out of our control.

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