Superior Selections

Equal the Perfect Match for Your Exterior Aesthetic

We source doors directly from the highest-quality manufacturers in the world, we leverage our own in-house distribution and logistics teams, and we operate at a scale that results in much lower costs than competitors with similar quality. That allows us to provide you with the most door-per-dollar in the U.S. Guaranteed.

Iron Door Finish Options

Every door can be customized to fit the look and feel that you desire for your home or business. We offer numerous custom finish options to meet your aesthetic goals.

All of our iron doors are made with 12- or 14-gauge steel depending on style and application, and our traditional doors feature scroll work that has been expertly hand forged using 5/8″ tubing. We use the best materials, but what sets our doors apart is that our manufactures are some of the best in the world.

Each door comes insulated with high quality polyurethane foam that is pumped into both the door and the jamb. Our doors also include extra-thick weather stripping and door sweeps by default.

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Black Finish

WID’s darkest finish can compliment black accents or contrast light colors.

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Antique Copper

One of our most popular finishes provides aesthetics for nearly any design.

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White Finish

A great contrast to darker exteriors or accent color compliments.

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Complimentary to exteriors with gray and light tones.

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Light Bronze

A dramatically deep finish that adds depth.

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Medium Bronze Sponge

Middle of the road balance of rich tones.

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Medium Bronze

A slightly darker copper tone for balanced detail.

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Heavy Silver

This neutral finish provides a delicate shine to compliment nearly any exterior.

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Heavy Gold

This rich finish adds a warm contrast to similar trim colors.

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Heavy Bronze

This finish compliments many sharper stone exterior colors and trim settings.

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Gold Rush

Deep and dramatic gold tones mixed with darker colors make this one of our most popular choices.

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A great all-around finish that contrasts and compliments most trim colors.