Installation Steps

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Learn how to install our high quality push-pull iron door handles with this guide.

Push-Pull Iron Door Handle Installation Instructions

Tools Needed for Basic Push-Pull Handle and Deadbolt Installation:

  • Drill Driver

  • Utility Knife

  • Painter’s Tape

  • 5/16″ Drill bit

  • Top bore hole is for the deadbolt installation


  • Bottom borehole is for the upper handle installation


  • You will need to drill holes for the lower handle installation
  • Adjust the backset on the deadbolt to fit your door by twisting the sleeve of the bolt hub
  • Install the deadbolt in the top bore hole and secure with faceplate and screws
  • Install the blank faceplate with screws in the bottom bore hole
  • Install the remainder of the deadbolt on the top bore hole


  • This is important to add some rigidity to the doors while you are drilling the handle holes


  • ***Do not overtighten***
  • Determine the installation position of the handle set by placing it so it covers the entire bore hole but does not interfere with the deadbolt
  • Using painter’s tape, mask the area where the bottom screw holes of the handle will rest
  • Be sure to mask both sides of the door
  • ***We used spray paint but you can use whatever paint you have available***


  • Mark the female portion of the bolt studs on the lower part of the handle with the paint.


  • You will transfer the mark to the painter’s tape for drilling reference
  • Transfer the drill reference marks to both sides of the door
  • Make sure you lift up on the handle enough to cover the lower borehole but not so much as to interfere with the deadbolt
  • Drill a level hole through the door making sure your exit is at the rear marks
  • Place the flush handle (no screw holes) on the outside of the door with the female bolt studs going through the drilled holes


  • Place the handle with the screw holes on the inside of the door fastening the screws to the outer handle


  • ***Do not overtighten***